Ginger Talk

Welcome to my crazy ginger life.

Miss you @nicoleeholland  (at King Kong Sushi Bar and Grill in Carolina Forest)
#getinmymouth  (at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts)
Slowly shipping up to Boston 🍀 @fdivittorio  (at Mississippi State Line)
So I decided I’m in love with alligators today 😳🐊😍 (at New Orleans Swamp Tours)
So I decided I love alligators 😍😍😍  (at New Orleans Swamp Tours)
Is it weird that I want to live in the swamp 🐊 (at New Orleans Swamp Tours)
#Nola @fdivittorio  (at Red Fish Grill)
Midnight in my eyes 🌙 #redhair #gingers #gingerproblems
Midnight in my eyes 🌙 #redhair #gingerproblems #gingers
DAIQUIRIS TO GO 😍👌 (at New Orleans Original Daiquiris Siegen Lane)